Medical Education

Guiding Surgeons on the safe and effective use of Arthrex products and procedures

Medical Education is a cornerstone in our business philosophy. Tribe Medical has three facilities located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners across Canada. We have employed a full time fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon on staff at our flagship educational facility in Toronto to manage and provide clinical support during labs, coordinate remote educational events, and train our new and tenured Technology Specialists and Consultants.

Our Facilities

Tribe Medical Group Inc. (“Tribe”), founded in 2006, is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Arthrex Inc. Starting with only 16 employees across Canada and a small house for an office in London, ON, Tribe has grown nationally to now over 100 employees, a large warehouse and office facility in London, ON and 3 Medical Education training centres across Canada, including our state of the art ECI Centre in Mississauga, ON.

We continue to grow in sales year after year, ensuring the most innovative and technologically advanced products from Arthrex are available to Canadian surgeons and healthcare facilities.

Tribe’s Mission Statement “Putting Patient Outcomes First… In Everything We Do” drives us to provide orthopaedic surgeons with unparalleled quality in product, service and medical device education as a partner in the pursuit of less invasive healing for the patient.

Medical Education Team

Alex Flores M.D.

Medical Education Manager and Clinical Specialist

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Dr. Alex Flores, originally an accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon from Mexico, brings a diverse and rich background to his role as Medical Education Manager. His journey from clinical practice to the forefront of medical device sales in Canada exemplifies a deep commitment to enhancing patient care through Arthrex’s technological innovation. Dr. Flores seamless transition into the medical industry was propelled by his desire to leverage advanced medical technologies to improve surgical outcomes and patient safety. Now, as a Medical Education Manager, Dr. Flores spearheads the development of training programs for new hires and workshops for local surgeons, focusing on the safe and effective use of medical devices. His approach to medical education combines practical insights with hands-on learning, ensuring that medical professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for excellence in the operating room.

Keltie Stewart

Medical Education Specialist

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Keltie’s journey into the heart of medical education and orthopedic technology is marked by a distinctive transition from pharmaceutical sales to the dynamic world of medical devices. Motivated by a desire to have a more hands-on role in healthcare education, Keltie leveraged her experience in pharma sales to pivot into a field where she could directly impact the way medical professionals learn about and use cutting-edge orthopedic technologies. As a Medical Education Specialist, she expertly combines her sales acumen with her passion for hands-on education, orchestrating local labs and training centers from the ground up. Her transition reflects a deep commitment to enhancing the educational experiences of healthcare professionals, guiding them through the complexities of orthopedic devices and surgical techniques. Keltie’s role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from logistical coordination, such as booking hotels for participants, to the technical setup of lab stations. This unique blend of skills ensures each training session she organizes is not only informative but also seamlessly executed. Through her dedication and innovative approach to medical education, Keltie is a driving force in providing practical, impactful learning experiences, underscoring her significant role in advancing the field of orthopedic technology at Tribe Medical.

William Boulanger

Clinical Specialist

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William Boulanger brings a unique blend of clinical knowledge, biomedical engineering expertise, and technological insight to his role as a Clinical Specialist. Originating from Montreal, William’s career began as an Arthrex Technology Consultant, where he honed his skills in analyzing and implementing cutting-edge solutions across all of Arthrex’s portfolio . His strong clinical background, coupled with his credentials as a biomedical engineer, equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of both the technological and medical aspects of healthcare innovations. Transitioning into a teaching role, William has made it his mission to ensure that medical representatives are not only proficient in the latest Arthrex technologies but also adept at applying advanced surgical techniques. His approach to education is deeply rooted in his multidisciplinary background, allowing him to create training programs that are as informative as they are engaging.

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