Medical Education

Guiding Surgeons on the safe and effective use of Arthrex products and procedures

Medical Education is a cornerstone in our business philosophy. Tribe Medical has three facilities located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners across Canada. We have employed a full time fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon on staff at our flagship educational facility in Toronto to manage and provide clinical support during labs, coordinate remote educational events, and train our new and tenured Technology Specialists and Consultants.

Our Facilities

Tribe Medical Group Inc. (“Tribe”), founded in 2006, is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Arthrex Inc. Starting with only 16 employees across Canada and a small house for an office in London, ON, Tribe has grown nationally to now over 100 employees, a large warehouse and office facility in London, ON and 3 Medical Education training centres across Canada, including our state of the art ECI Centre in Mississauga, ON.

We continue to grow in sales year after year, ensuring the most innovative and technologically advanced products from Arthrex are available to Canadian surgeons and healthcare facilities.

Tribe’s Mission Statement “Putting Patient Outcomes First… In Everything We Do” drives us to provide orthopaedic surgeons with unparalleled quality in product, service and medical device education as a partner in the pursuit of less invasive healing for the patient.

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Tribe Medical Group – Medical Education 2021

A prime mandate of TMG is surgeon medical education. By combining a state of the art conference centre and wet lab with the latest innovative Arthrex...

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